Ethnic Tattoo’s!

When you think of an Indian bride, you think of tradition. You think of ethnic beauty. You think of all the aspects of the bride’s attire that makes her look like an Indian bride. Henna or mehndi which ever way you say it, is important for a bride not only because it has traditional values but also because, when we think of an Indian bride we think of a women with beautifully clothes, jewelry and hands, arms, and feet covered in elaborate designs.

Why do you need to put on henna? Its simple, in the mainstream of things, well everyone does, it looks pretty and also becomes another reason to throw a party. But really there is a more meaningful reason to wear it. Well it has been said that a women looks the prettiest on her wedding day. Her exposed body is covered in henna to warn off any evil eye cast her way.

Take a look at the designs below. It seems like you can get anything done nowadays. On a simple note you can create your own design. You can either find one design you like, or take parts out of different designs, possibly get your fiancés name or some thing that symbolizes the both of you or ask your designer to collaborate them. You can make your own unique and personalized henna design just for your big day.

Be creative and enjoy!


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