Mood Boards to showcase your wedding ideas!

Remember when we were kids our teachers would get us to make idea webs with our main idea in the middle as a focal point, and branches to show sub-ideas that may have other ideas branching out of them. Our very own brainstorming methods to make sure all of our ideas are all in one place.

Well the same thing would apply in the case of planning your wedding. All you need is a white bristle board or foam board. Cut outs of magazines, books, print outs, paint chips with your color pallet (you can get these at any home hardware store), fabrics. Anything and everything you find that you may want to use in your wedding. Just stick it on the wall. Every idea you have will be visually displayed for you to envision how your wedding will be.

In this day and age, there’s an app for everything. Well you are in luck! If you have an iPad you can simply get the mood board app and just copy and paste items you like off the web onto your mood board.

Mood boards are the most useful methods of trying to gather all your ideas and thoughts into one place and visually see if they will all go well together.

Try it out, it’ll make envisioning your wedding so much easier. Click on the mood boards to see a bigger image.


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