DIY Bridesmaid’s Gift’s

Bridesmaids are a bride’s backbone during the entire wedding process! I know during mine if I didn’t have the help of my bridesmaids and my husband’s grooms maids, I’m sure my big day wouldn’t have happened the way I had planned! Not only do they help you plan your big day, they also take the cruelty of Bridezillas. And let’s face it; there is always a little Bridezilla in every bride. Whether it is a strict disciplined perfectionist or a straight out spoilt brat bride! But nevertheless bridesmaids deal with everything a bride throws at them and they should be given a token of appreciation for doing so. Depending on how many bridesmaids, grooms maids you have, I always find it cost efficient and personal to make your own bridesmaids gifts. Take a look at a few pictures I have on gifts that you can create or a nice basket you put together with a personalized card. Whatever it may be, bridesmaids need to be appreciated and let’s do that with something from the heart!


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