The Bangabooth!!!

Just recently I went to a wedding show here in Toronto and honestly things are so much different since I got married. And that was only two years ago. The wedding industry is rapidly changing and new and improved ideas are being used by vendors to help their clients make their big day more special.

Whilst at the show I came across a photo booth! First off if there are brides and grooms out there who need ideas for entertainment and party favors, take a look at Banabooth. When I first met the vendors they were extremely nice and helpful. They not only gave all potential clients useful information about their photo booth but also gave us a chance to try the booth out for ourselves. They provide you with fun costume accessories to take crazy fun pictures. And when you are done taking your pictures, the booth develops a card with a message from the bride and groom and the pictures you just took to take home and remember that wedding! We always want to leave our guests with a memorabilia of our wedding and what better way to do that then to have a personal touch to a guest participated favor. If you are looking for any further information, please contact Gurminder Banga (contact information below). They are super nice and will help you make your special day even more special with their fun and innovative Bangabooth!

Contact Information:

Gurminder Banaga


TEL: 647-349-7766

MOBILE: 416-710-4876





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