Save the date for us!

Now that you are engaged, it’s time to plan! Once you have set a date, its very important to send out “Save the date” cards! The wedding season is a very busy time period and chances are someone else is getting married the same day you are. Take the first stance in claiming that date for your wedding and make sure everyone you want there will be able to come because they knew a long time in advance. I mean once you have set a date then you might as well let your friends and families know!

There are so many different ways to let your loved ones  know that you’re engaged and ready to get hitched! Every year unique ideas are coming out, but what’s still the same is personalization. It’s so key to keep things personal when relating it to your wedding. It makes it that much more special!

Save the date cards are your first invites as an engaged couple. They set the tone for your up coming nuptials. Make them memorable and people will want more. Your wedding will be on their minds because if a couple can create fabulous save the date cards, they’ll be intrigued to want to know how fabulous your wedding will be. This card is just the beginning to the outcome of your planning. Start off right! For example, one of my really close friend and her fiancé would go get coffee together every Sunday! When they sent out their save the date cards, they had their names, Maria and Jimmy written on top of a Starbucks cup and their wedding date on the side of the cup. They took a picture of it and used it as a post card they posted online for everyone to see! Its just that simple, but meaningful!

Keep it personal, sweet, and simple!


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