Wedding Planners = Stress Free Wedding!

Wouldn’t it be great if we all had a fairy godmother who with the whip of her wound and her bibbidi bobbidi boo would make all of our dreams come true? You know a fairy godmother that simply just needs a list of everything we want and with a little bit of magic make it happen. Well it’s not just for fairy tales anymore. Wedding planners are the fairy godmothers of the wedding industry. They ask you to give them a list of everything you would want in your wedding and your budget and make sure everything goes the way you want it by spending the amount of money you have kept aside for your big day.

What many don’t know is that when you give your wedding planner your budget they make sure their fees are well in that budget. They don’t charge extra and they work with you to keep the money matters in line. Wedding planners generally have a vendor list and exclusive vendor discounts that they can provide their couples to help with the wedding costs.

When I got married, I really wish I had a planner only because I spent more time stressed about making sure my big day would go as I had always dreamt. I would eat, sleep and breath wedding, which just put on more stress. My fiancé (then, now my husband) and I fought all the time about table linens, décor, center pieces, pretty much everything that someone else could have taken the stress for. What should have been a fun time planning became a stressful and angry time period for us. We powered through, got married and realized that if we had just got some help from someone else then there would be no stress and fights. Its funny how that experience pushed me to be a planner. At SNG Weddings, we not only make your dreams come true like a fairy godmother would, but we also give our couples a complimentary date package which includes everything they would need for a stress free date!

We, wedding planners, can make all of your wedding dreams come true, and that is our mission!



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