Bridal Showers

The wedding date has been set, the main arrangements have been made and now it is time for the bride to take a little breather. She can finally spend time with her closest relatives and friends to celebrate her new journey she will be starting soon! Throwing bridal showers is lots of fun and it’s always important to create a shower based on the bride! Pamper her and make it all about her likes! It’s always best to create a budget first followed by a theme! A theme is the core of the party and sets the tone! It will help you create a perfect balance between décor, food, music, games etc…

When I got married my mother and sister threw me a Breakfast at Tiffany’s themed bridal shower by the lake. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is my favorite all time movie and I am a huge Audrey Hepburn fan! My mom created over ten of my favorite dishes, including chocolate covered strawberries and my sister put together crystal vase centerpieces with pearl necklaces spilling out of them. A very Victorian meets modern chic look! Each guest was given a tea cup and saucer, laced with a tiffany blue coloured ribbon and bow, and each guest who won a prize was given a Saloni & Co Tiffany blue box with Mac make-up! Everything was beautiful and the backdrop was a lake where we took amazing pictures once the games were over! My cake was created by my sister-in-law (the owner of Sweet tooth, a bakery in Oakville), who took the theme and created a red velvet tiffany box with bow cake and another strawberry gnash chocolate cake! Everything was amazing and the best bridal shower I went to, because my family took everything I loved and created a special event just for me!

That’s the feeling a bride should get during her shower, love, affection and the joy of knowing that everyone is truly happy for you!

At SNG Weddings we provide families of the bride and groom the option of letting us put together ideas and concepts for pre-wedding events, including bridal showers!  We will collaborate with you in creating your visions that you have for your events! Please feel free to contact us should you require any of these services!

Take a look at bridal shower pictures compiled to help you create a beautiful and memorable party!


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