Bite Bar! The New Dessert Table.

Cake, desserts, pastries, cupcakes, sweets, sweets sweets! Aside from the decor, the food and what the brides wearing, the dessert table is an important part of the reception that the guests wait for!

Having said that, new and elaborate items are being put on a list of endless choices to full-fill your sweet tooth needs! One particular dessert item I love are cupcakes, and SNG Weddings good friends Bite Bar, is a company who specializes in unique and mouth watering mini cupcakes!

When the dessert table is laid out I’m always battling my inner self as to how much can I put on my plate! If I take a slice I can savor only one flavor and that’s it. With bite size cupcakes, each bite is a new flavor, a new sweet tooth fulfillment!

Not only can you show case these mini cupcakes on a dessert table but you can also use them as party favors! A couple can choose their flavor of choice, kind of like a signature drink and ask the very talented Nisha Amin at Bite Bar to create your cupcake favors! They are a catering company that deliveries anywhere in the GTA and can definitely create a unique favor for any event! Perhaps for your rehearsal dinner, bridal shower or your bridesmaids luncheon!

” Bite Bar is a bite sized dessert bar that allows ’biters’ to indulge in their desserts without feeling guilt after”, that is Nisha’s mission! Saying that, they have created a new indulgence for your guilt free pleasure,their alcohol infused cupcakes. Savor the tastes of Mojito, Baileys or citrus in their Lemon Drop cupcakes or any of their fine bite size wrapper free gourmet cupcakes!

Make sure you check them out at or on facebook. You can also catch them at the upcoming food and wine show at Metro Toronto Convention Center! Taste their bite size cupcakes and judge for yourself!


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