Wedding & Reception Flowers!

Any theme, any style, any idea, can be best depicted by using flowers! Flowers bring color, elegance, beauty and fragrance to your wedding! Your wedding has its on scent!!! If you have already set a color pallet for your wedding, the best way to decorate is using lots and lots of flowers. The flowers will basically emphasize your chose of color’s.

The best way to cut cost when using flowers is to make sure you use flowers in season. Take a look at our blog on bouquets to understand what flowers are best during different times throughout the year.

Flowers are great for centerpieces; backdrops, arch’s, walkways and the list can go on!  They are a great way to hide certain parts of your venues, for example poles. Poles general can be boring and plain, the best way to give it some color is by hanging a floral garland around it. Lately wedding decorators are using floral strings to be used as a backdrop! It looks amazing, brings in color and if done right can give your look a personalize touch! Use the flower that best suits your significant other’s and your style. Create a monogram that is embellished with flower petals. Use it as your back drop and there you have your very own personal, floral backdrop!

Many cultures use flowers as a sign of purity and eternity! Research your cultural historical roots. This way you can create a link between your style and your roots! Many Indo-Canadian couples use flowers for their mandap under which they get married. They use vibrant reds, hot pinks, oranges, yellows, and colors to symbolize everlasting unity! Many in the Asian community use white flowers during their wedding including the tea ceremony to show purity. In Judaism it is very important to use the white colour for purity when decorating their Chuppah! Purity is symbolical because the Chuppah is meant to represent their home they will build as a married couple in unity. In church its best to use white and pastel colours to maintain a softer tone. Again using colours to show purity!

Take a look at the pictures below for floral wedding and reception décor ideas!


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