You’re Invited!

Now that you have set the date, its time to invite!  Picking the right stationary for your big day is definitely overwhelming. What colour should it be, what should the font be like, how would it be worded and most importantly budget! Budget, budget, budget! A key word in every couples wedding that for some reason very rare stick behind! Stationary can take a good junk out of your wedding budget, so when you start allocating your funds, make sure you and your significant other keep a good amount out for your stationary!

Girls start planning their weddings at a very young age. They start collecting little things that they would one day want to use in their own wedding. Their small box starts to accumulate lots and lots of ideas! In most cases 86% of their box is stacked with other weddings stationary. I know its true, because like every girl out there, I too had my very own wedding box!

Now I’m sure you need to know key information on what to expect when ordering stationary! Order your prints at least four months before the wedding. If you do want your prints engraved, make sure you allow an additional extra month for them to be printed. Once you have received your invites, make sure you send them out six to eight weeks before the wedding.

There are three different types of printing: engraved, thermography and offset printing. Engraving is the most expensive, traditional and formal type of printing. It is also the longest to complete, so keep that in mind when you order. Thermography is another option which takes less time  then engraving to make and is less expensive. It is the process that fuses powder and ink to create raised letter. Last but not least is the offset printing method. It is the least expensive, quickest to produce and there is more variety of styles and colours offered. It is also the least formal.

Your not done with just ordering invites, you still need other types of wedding stationary. You would need reception cards, response cards, ceremony cards, thank you cards, and ceremony programs. You can ask for your stationary vendor to create a custom package for you rather than buying every type of card separately. Keeps the budget crisis to a minimal.

For those frugal brides out there (my type), or couples who don’t think stationary is that important, you can buy an invitation kit and use that when creating your invites. There are so many types of styles out there and it’s budget friendly!

Also another key way to keep costs down is postage. If you have family in another part of the world, the best thing to do is email them your invite. Create a PDF version of your invitation and email them.

Take a look at the picture gallery for creative stationary concepts!


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