Feature Wedding: Moninder & Saloni!

Sometimes when we start to plan our wedding, we easily get distracted from the whole purpose of the wedding; love, unity and eternal togetherness! We concentrate on the little details like stationary, flowers, centerpieces, table linins etc. But, we start to forget the whole purpose of all of those little things. The concept of being married to the person you love and starting a new journey.

That is why we want to take this opportunity to congratulate couples on their marriage and wish them all the best for their new journey they both have embarked on together! We want to celebrate every new relationship and tell the readers my love story! Therefore, we have started a blog called Featured weddings.

I wanted to start off my first feature wedding blog with my story and about how I married my high school sweetheart!

My husband and I met way back in high school! We were set up on a date by two of our friends. Our story began at the very young of 16 & 17. We graduated from high school and then went off to university together. It was in university where my husband planned a magical proposal!

The Proposal: Jan 10th

Place: My apartment at University.

First off, for everyone reading this, my husband is not a romantic guy and he doesn’t express his emotions often. He is a bit of a joker and known by his family to always be sarcastic and humourous. So, what he had done to propose is a shocker to many, which made it even more special. I, on the other hand, am a complete hopeless romantic. I am one of THOSE girls, who began to seriously plan their wedding at a young age and waited for her prince charming. My husband and I are complete opposites, but I guess it was just meant to be.

So any way, he had asked me to go to my room and wait there to await further instructions. He took all of my favorite songs and burned them onto a cd for me to listen to while he was preparing the proposal. After a little while, he told me to come out and as I opened the door there was a pathway filled with red rose petals and candles along the side. The lights were dim and made everything more romantic.  My room comes out in an L shape so I didn’t know what would be at the end of the pathway. Each step I took, I had to pick up a red rose. And as I turned the corner, there he was standing in the middle of a heart, he created with rose petals. As I approached him, he kneeled, said the right things and asked me to marry him. It was as if my prince charming did come and ask me to marry him, so how could I refuse. I said yes and so began our engagement.

It just doesn’t end at that. As per our cultures we had another engagement. A two-part engagement in one day with the Hindu ceremony in the morning and the Sikh ceremony in the evening, followed by a party. Once again I had no idea that he had planned yet another proposal for me. As the cultural ceremonies had ended, a chair was placed in the middle of the dance floor for me to sit on. I sat their not knowing what was going to happen and then he approached me. Kneeled down and resided a proposal from a movie with my nick- name in it. Two proposals make’s me a very lucky hopeless romantic.

Then our wedding planning began! It took us one whole year, but we did it and created a magical day.  It was everything that I could have asked for!

Our wedding was held on Aug 20, 2010 and the reception was on Aug 22, 2010! We had 7 days of events with all religious ceremonies, Gujrati gurba, Punjabi maiyan, an evening wedding, and a fabulous reception.

Our vendors were:

Wedding Venue: Hindu Heritage Center

Reception Venue: Bombay Palace

Décor: Creations by Gitta

Photography: Dave Abreu Photography

Photography: Steve Dormer Photography

Videography: Eagle AV Productions

DJ: Guru Productions

Cake: Cake Designs by Shanti

Hair and make-up: Chaitali Patel

Centerpieces: Rocky Bhatia


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