Winter Wonderland Wedding!

It’s the holidays and SNG Weddings would like to dedicate a blog to winter wonderland themed weddings.

 The holidays are our favourite time of the year and we love to get creative with couples when planning their winter wonderland wedding. There are so many ideas when trying to create this romantic theme.

 For example, by utilizing snow as the basis of our concept, couples can incorporate this aspect throughout their wedding. Adding a touch of snow in your centrepieces, backdrop, décor, cake, and post-wedding pictures, will bring your winter wedding to life.

 Keep in mind your winter colour pallet, which includes reds, plums, blues and white. You can take any of these colours and accent it with silver or gold. The best part of a winter themed wedding is lighting. The holidays are filled with lots and lots of lights. We use lights to create magic, so what better way to create that same magic in your venue than to light up the tables, cake table, and backdrops with winter lights. A new idea used by many decorators is to place trees inside the venue but with no leaves and stringing lights around the tree like you would outdoors. It creates the outdoorsy look you would get when you see houses on your street all lit up with festive lights. We would always recommend to do up lighting even if other lights are used. The up lighting creates a more dramatic look to any themed wedding.

 With the holidays, you can venture out and try to incorporate festive foods and drinks in your wedding. With your dessert table you can include eggnog, apple cider or hot chocolate stalls as well. The bartender can whip up a warm festive alcoholic beverage. You can have peppermint martinis as your signature drink or even mint smoothies with your dessert bar. You can have a candy bar with all sorts of candies including candy canes, peppermint circles and chocolate.

 Holidays bring in good cheer, love, happiness and prosperity, and a great way to tell someone “I do”!

 To you and your love ones, Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year from everyone at SNG Weddings!

Edited by:  Jyoti Mann


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