Vendor Spotlight: Photogenix

Photogenix is owned by a very creative and imaginative individual (Paul), who at a very young age ventured into photography, gained a love for this industry and has stayed for over 20 years. He began his career along side his father, from whom he learned “the tricks of the trade”. Photogenix has build a strong clientele base and believes that it is more important to build relationships and deliver quality work, which will result in a more successful business.

SNG Weddings believes in businesses giving back to their community and we commend Photogenix for their involvement and charity work for Everyday Child. Everyday child is a charity dedicated in giving less fortunate children the gift of education.

Photogenix is a diverse photography company who not only captures weddings but also birthdays, family portraits, real estate and the list goes on. To add to their extensive list of projects is their more recent endeavor, a 5-page spread in Chole Fasion/ Chloe Wedding Magazine! The spread covers key fashion elements in both bride and groom attires. To get a copy of the magazine, check out your local Chapters/ Indigo, or Gateway Stands across Toronto.

For more information please contact Paul by email and take a look at pictures from the fashion photo-shoot below.


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