Charity Donations For Wedding Favors!

I want to start off this blog entry by dedicating it in honor of family members who are fighting or who we have lost to cancer! This is the most important blog entry I would like to write about because it is so close to my heart!

When we start budgeting for a wedding, we have to allocate money towards each and every aspect of a wedding. This way we stay on track and in budget. A specific item on the wedding planning list are favour’s. Generally we allocate anywhere from $200 to $3000 just on party favour’s. That’s a lot of money for something that people may not have the full value for and in some cases once your guests take them home, they don’t always use.

Something that I did for my wedding and I recommend all my clients to do is donate their budgeted favour money towards a charity of choice.

When I got married my husband and my charity we donated to was the Canadian Cancer Society. Having lost my father in law to cancer and having my father still fight it, pushed us to use that money for something more important then materialistic items.

You may wonder what can just a few hundred dollars do when trying to find a cure for something or help fight against hunger, poverty, child abuse, etc. Well each penny counts! You never know when your $1 could be the reason why a difference was made.

When looking into donating, the best thing to do is determine your budget, call up the charity or cause you would like to help and they will do all the arrangements for you. Some charities will send you a package that consists of place cards for every guest invited to your wedding. The place card will generally state that a donation has been made in their honor to the charity of the couple’s choice.

I strongly would urge couples to consider donating and together lets make a difference!


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