A keepsake of memories for the future!

Guest Books are like a time capsule for weddings. They keep important words and wishes from loved ones in one area for you to read years and years after your wedding.

Like every element of your wedding, even your guest book needs to be planned! You need to determine a centralized location, possibly right in front of the entrance to the hall. This way guests can come in and write their heartfelt messages in the guest book before they enter the wedding or reception venue. Guest books are not only for weddings and receptions but also for bridal showers. Keep all of your cards, put them in a scrapbook and there you have it, a scrapbook guest book. Great for bridal showers because you wont have so many cards to compile in your scrapbook.

Once you have planned an idealistic location for your guestbook, its time to plan the décor of your table. Either you can stick to the same décor pallet as the rest of your wedding, or you can create a complete different themed corner for your guest book. If your theme is winter wonderland, you could create your table with your winter color pallet, snowflakes, a wreath (maybe with pictures of the both of you) and you can make or buy a large ornament(s) that your guests can sign. If you want to do something different then your overall theme, you can get a vintage typewriter and a few journals to create a writing station. You can ask your guests to type up your message with the typewriter, which you can later bind into a personalized book.

Here are a few examples of different ways to create a place for guests to share their thoughts. You can use your engagement picture as a way for guests to share messages. Either have a photo book printed with your engagement pictures for your guests to see and write in or you can frame your engagement picture with a white border then can write messages on. For those of you more creative couples, create a monogram out of wood, paint it one of your colours and get your guests to sign it. For those couples who would like more guest participation, you can leave cards on the table with the heading “ Remember when…” and ask the guests to leave a memory of them with the couple. You can also have cards left for guests to leave the happy couple advice.

The newest craze for weddings is having a photo booth. They are a great way to incorporate entertainment, favours and guest books all in one. The guest’s get to take the picture with them and a copy is left for you to create a scrapbook with.

Take a look at pictures below for more great ideas for guest books.



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