Wedding Styles Part 1 = Classic Style!

Your wedding style showcases your wedding in your personal way. Knowing your wedding style helps you be more comfortable with taking the lead in planning your big day. It will put you in your comfort zone and in the right state of mind to begin your journey.  There are two steps used when determining your style. The first one is to start the ball rolling by talking over different dreams and expectations you have of your big day. Gather ideas of traditions and people you would like to honor. You may want to create a list with your significant other of key things you both will want incorporated in your wedding. The second step is to start planning. As I always emphasizes… KEEP IT PERSONAL. Personalizing your wedding will make it about the two of you and YOUR story!

There are three types of wedding styles: classic, casual and alternate. Classic styles are chic and elegant.  For a classic style of wedding, the best-suited venue for this style would be a church, temple, synagogue, mosque or a place of worship for the ceremony and a slick ballroom or manor for your reception. Stationary for this style would be a formal invitation printed on linen or cotton sent in a hand- addressed envelope. Use colours such as ivory or champagne with black or subtle colour pallets. When creating the look of your bouquet stick to roses woven together in beautiful silk ribbons. Hair and makeup should be simple but elegant. Up do’s with tiara’s always give a clean finish to your overall appearance. I am a big fan of Audrey Hepburn so when planning a classic look for your wedding, keep her in mind.  For a classic reception its best to have a live jazz band or a sophisticated DJ whose music pallet can bring any age group to the dance floor. Make sure you allocate time for a traditional champagne toast, which is a part of any classic event. For décor try to incorporate black and white to your colour pallet with bold colour accents to your attire. Flower of choice could be long stemmed roses, calla lilies or orchids, and your cake would be white and multi- tiered.

Take a look at a few pictures with details you can use in this style of wedding, and be sure to read Wedding Styles Part 2 for the second style of weddings.




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