Wedding Styles Part 2 = Casual Style!

Welcome to part two of Wedding Styles. Since there was so much information to take in, we thought we would give our readers a 3 – part blog entry to a very important aspect of wedding planning 101.

Lets take a look at the second style of weddings, casual! The casual style is a semiformal and informal wedding, where a couple has the permission to have fun with rules and take a more carefree approach to their wedding.

A lot of couples who like this style chose to have their ceremony outdoors. Being away from a temple of worship gives you the freedom to show off your own personal style, as well as personalizing your ceremony including your vows.

For stationary indulge into your inner creative abilities, and try out different DIY projects. Your invitations don’t need to look so formal so try to stay away from white, ivory or black hues. Teals, pinks, purples, and pastel colours are always nice to use in your colour pallet as the background of your stationary. A lovely satin ribbon that has a colour contrasted with your background colour would be great to place across the card.  You don’t necessary need to send out RSVP cards but create a website and have your guests RSVP online. Less formal but at the same time you can be assured you will get RSVP’s on time and nothing can be lost in the mail. Speaking of website’s, we recommend that all couples make one of these. With our wedding planning services, we include a website in our packages because a website is where you can have all of your important wedding information in one place. For thank you cards you can ask your photographer to take a picture of you and your spouse holding up a thank you sign at your reception. Once you receive your proofs you can have your thank you picture printed and then double side tape it to a plain stock card and write a personal message at the back. This is another cost effective DIY project you can use for your casual style wedding. Just remember to have your photographer take this picture in advance, so make sure you pre-make a thank you sign that you take with you to the reception.

Use your inner creative abilities for your alter under which you will say your vows or take your oath. Alters for casual weddings usually are made with lots of flowers or a decorated fabric pavilion. For your entrance you don’t have to stick to the traditional wedding anthem but something soft, acoustic or possibly a slow song that reminds you two of your love. This would be a more memorable to walk down the aisle with. Something close to your hearts!

For fashion stick to a non-traditional look, possibly a tea length dress, no veil and an accent colour for shoes. Keep your hair out in loose curls with a flower on the side. For the groom its best to wear something a little more causal than the traditional tux or black and white suit. You can wear colours such as navy blue, wheat, charcoal grey or mix and match jackets and pants. Push the envelope a little with linen suits and dress shirts without ties. A great look for a summer wedding!

When creating your bouquet compile flowers with long steams, loosely tied together and incorporate colours such as plum, chocolate, teal, pink or lime green contrasts look great in pictures. Little girls in your bridal party could wear beautiful floral headpieces.

For outdoors, relax look with lanterns for the evening and a DJ for entertainment would be a perfect ensemble to a casual look. Stick to a buffet and add comfort foods to your platter. Usually its better to have a dessert table with fresh fruit, pastries, and cupcakes along side a small cake that you can cut.

When everything is said and done, drive away with your significant other in an open top convertible or a Mini Copper with a DIY just married sign at the back and cans trailing behind you two.

Keep reading for part 3 of Wedding styles to see the last type of style you can do for your big day!


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