Wedding Styles Part 3 = Alternate Style!

The third and most common style is the alternate wedding style. This style is basically out -of the -box ideas combined with creative ensembles to create an everlasting memory! As I always emphasize on keeping it personal, you can do that with every aspect of an alternate style wedding.  An alternate style of wedding is a concept wedding with different themes and loads and loads of DIY projects all combined together.

Destination weddings are considered to be an alternate wedding style. When planning for this theme, wear a flowy gown, with your hair out, accented with a beautiful flower on the side. Grooms can wear a linen suit or linen dress pants and a casual short sleeve shirt. Take in the scenes for your décor pallet and if your destination is the beach then create your dance floor on the sand. For a destination wedding you can incorporate a wedding and honeymoon combined together to cut costs.  We would strongly recommend you hire a planner who specializes in destination weddings to help with all your planning needs. Its best to get a consultation so you can be aware of rules and regulations when having a  wedding in a different country then your own.

For a themed wedding, your choices are endless. For example take your favourite time period and use that as a focal point for all of your ideas. Indulge in your likes to create your wedding! For all of those couples who have a major sweet tooth, create a candy bar that guests can fill up a bag and take home as a favour.

For an alternate wedding style, clothing can be anything you like. You can wear a traditional dress if you want or a cocktail dress. Grooms can wear any colour of any style of a suit. You can even wear jeans if you want because this style concentrates just on YOU as a couple and has no restrictions.

Gather family and friends and create DIY crafts that can be used all through out the wedding. Personalized handmade invites, other stationaries or even bouquets or floral arrangements can be great DIY projects. Everything will have a touch of the couple and their love!  Any DIY project you would like to create, make sure you do it at least a month before the wedding, because should it not turn out the way you want it, then you still have time to fix it.

Décor can be anywhere from floral to country, outdoors accents to a full-blown Hollywood themed red carpet affair. Just keep it personal and go crazy! Let your imagination help plan your wedding!


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