Beauty & Health: DIY Masks!!!!

As the biggest day of your life gets closer, so does the anxiety of making sure everything goes perfect. Having said that, the stress of planning a wedding can take a severe toll on your skin, your body and your health. That is why SNG Weddings would like to start a new feature called Beauty and Health.  Generally brides are told to start a beauty and health regime before their big day, therefore our goal is for this feature to aid in their, 3-6month intensive make- over. The great thing about this feature is that it will all be natural. Any age and any gender can use these tips for over all health.  We will talk about things you should eat, drink and things you should stay away from. We will also talk about fitness, establishing a goal and striving to reach it. And last but not least we will talk about beauty techniques for both men and women that will be all natural and here’s the best part, they will all be Do-It-Yourself techniques! This way the products will be free of chemicals and cost efficient.  Take a stand for your body and keep things natural. Lets bring back beautiful, flawless skin that has been hiding with years of stress, pollution and fatigue.

Our first blog in this feature will be about masks! They are super simple and the ingredients are easy to find. Take a look at the four DIY mask recipes below and their benefits.



Skin Softening Mask.


1          Tablespoon fresh, raw honey

1          Teaspoon sunflower seed meal

1          Teaspoon fresh, raw wheat germ

How to prepare:

Mix all ingredients in a small bowl and allow it to set for 2 minutes.


Apply a light layer of the mixture on your face and neck evenly, and let it set for 30mins. The honey will get thinner due to your bodies temperature, so be sure to put up your hair to avoid any stickiness. After 30 minutes, rinse the mixture off with warm damp cloth.

 The Perks:

This is recommended for all skin types and will be more beneficial to those with dry, dehydrated and sensitive skin. The great thing about honey is that it draws the moisture from the air to your skin and therefore bringing in moisture and hydration to your skin.


Nourishing Mask


¼         Very ripe, small avocado

3          Tablespoon Buttermilk

 How to prepare:

Scoop out the avocado pulp and mash it with the buttermilk to create a creamy paste.


Using your fingers, apply paste in upward strokes to your face and neck. If you use this mask in the morning and lie in the early sun this can allow the oils of the avocado to warm and penetrate your skin. Thoroughly rinse your face and neck after 20 to 30 minutes.

 The Perks:

This is recommended for normal to dry skin, especially for rough dehydrated or chapped skin. This mask is incredibly nourishing and the mask has slight bleaching factors that leave your skin feeling soft and glowing. The great part about this mask is that you can also use it on your hair. It will serve as a conditioner for normal, dry, and chemically damaged or frizzy hair. Apply the paste into your hair, cover your hear with a shower cap or plastic wrap and leave it in for 30 minutes. Rinse and shampoo. 


Firming Mask


2          Drops vanilla essential oil

1          Tablespoon white clay

Cream, light or heavy

 How to prepare:

In a small bowl combine the clay with just enough cream to form a spreadable paste and stir in the essential oil.


Using your fingers, spread the paste onto your face and neck, then relax for 20 to 30 minutes until the mask dries. Rinse thoroughly.

 The Perks:

This is recommended for all skin types and should be used 1 or 2 times per week.  The great quality about this mask is that it tightens and moistures your skin leaving it clarified and smooth.



Refining Mask


¼         Cup fresh raspberries, or thawed if purchased frozen

Purified water if the berries are dry.

2          Teaspoon white clay, finely ground

2          Teaspoon ground oatmeal

 How to prepare:

Using a small bowl and fork, mash the raspberries until they are nearly smooth. This should look like a runny pulp. Stir in the oats and clay until a spreadable paste is made and allow it to set for 1 to 2 minutes until it thickens and absorbs moisture.  If the paste is to think add water and if it is to thin at oats.


Using your fingers, apply the paste onto your face and neck and allow the mask to dry. Rinse after 20 to 30 minutes, even if the mask is not dry.

 The Perks:

This is recommended for all skin types except dry, dehydrated, sensitive or sunburned skin and this mask can be used 1 or 2 times per week. The perks about this mask is that it tightens, gently exfoliates and naturally bleaches dull, slack, blotchy skin leaving it with  “raspberry” radiance.



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