Team Wedding!

       Once all of the major decisions have been made & you have created a foundation for your big day, it is time to unite your team. A group of people who are reliable, whom you can trust with responsibility of your wedding & who can help make your big day as magical & memorable as possible. Also this is a great way to honor friends & family by having them apart of your very important & distinguished wedding party.

         A wedding can be as long as a walk down an isle at a chapel in Vegas or a year of intense planning toward each and every wedding detail. It does not matter how long your nuptials take, all that maters is you have surrounded yourself with pleasant vibes to create your magical day. Having said that, when creating  your team, you may want to stay away from that friend who is never on time and usually goes missing ever so often when given a task to do or that friend who believes weddings equal  yet another drunken night.

          Your team would also include both sets of parents, grand parents and/or uncles and aunts. These people would embark on you the wisdom you would need to successfully get hitched. Honor them, love them, & listen to what they have to say because trust me, they know what they are talking about.

          On another note, your team would also consist of your vendors, therefore it is so important to research & review each vendor you choose. They can either help make your wedding & carry out your vision or break it. During my wedding  I found the best way to find a vendor who meshed perfectly with me, was to create a comparison chart. I found this method to work so well that I started to use it for my clients. First and further more, research, research, and research. Once you’ve done that, choose three vendors that stick out the most per category. Compile a list of questions such as… how long they have been in the industry?, how many weddings have they done?, how well you have liked their work (rate it), their dress code, and most importantly ask than what makes them stand out from the rest. Interview your vendors because your wedding deserves the best & right candidate for the job!

There you have it, your wedding team is born! Keep safe, keep loving & keep reading!!!!

Bridal party 1 Bridal party 2


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