It’s Finally here! SNG Photo Booth

It’s all about the photo booth. The new toy/ gadget in our industry. It’s super cool, dummy proof and a great way to have fun.

I got a chance to try out a photo booth last year during a client’s wedding, and believe me it was a great excuse to look, act and be crazy. Super fun and I had a blast trying out all the props.

So much planning, effort and money goes into a reception. After all of the entrances, speeches and performances it’s time to unwind. Throw in a photo booth! A great crowd pleaser! It’s fun and gives guests something to do. It’s the one thing that caters to all ages. From little children who get to play dress up to the elderly who get a chance to act like a kid again.

The best thing is that an investment on a photo booth has a great return. It’s awesome in considering numbers. You get to give the print outs to guests as a favor saving you that additional cost and gives them a memorabilia from your big day. You get to have either an online gallery or pictures on a usb key for a keepsake. Gives you a chance to see your guests having the time of their lives goofing off and enjoying your big day just the way you vision it.

As a wedding and event planner I have coordinated weddings with a photo booth and without, and in my personal opinion I would completely recommend it.

A photo booth brings life to a party and there is never a dull moment with guests, funny props and crazy poses.

After seeing many other booths, I had to have my very own. I researched and researched to come up with a list all of the things I wanted in my photo booth. Then I pitched the idea to my business partner, my husband. He was all for it and loved the idea of a SNG Weddings Photo Booth. I’m super lucky that my husband owns a machine shop. He started the planning, drawing, engineering and fabricating this device for me. Long behold it was finally ready and set for its first launch. Now for the minor details. I wanted to make sure every client with every idea they vision would benefit from our photo booth. Like is always say and stress to my couples, it’s really important to personalize. Personalization brings character to your event. So keeping that in mind I looked around for photo booths and how they cater to each client. I realized it was important for each photo booth experience cater specifically per client. So it’s important to have props created for each individual client, uniquely towards their event and theme and create templates with a customized monogram if they choose! Lucky again my husband does all of that graphic stuff! So it was certain, my photo booth was going to be a unique experience. It would be a complete unique package per client but not with additional costs for graphic design. As a planner I know budgets are so important to maintain so I kept that in mind when creating the cost.

We finally got the opportunity to reveal the SNG Photo Booth on March 13 2015 for a 1st birthday party! It was an amazing experience for us as vendors and loved the overwhelming positive response. It’s always rewarding to hear great things from your clients on your work.

We are now proud to say we had a vision of our own photo booth and had an amazing launch. Here’s to the Photo Booth Era! Keep safe, keep loving and keep reading!


IMG_1493 IMG_1501 IMG_1437_Fotor 150314_095455


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