Welcome to SNG WEDDINGS blog. Here you’ll find all sorts of information not only about our wedding planning and consulting company but also many new ideas that you can use in your wedding.

My name is Saloni and I started a wedding planning and consulting company. I helped plan a few of my friends wedding and gained a passion for this industry. So I wanted to take that drive and start something where I can help other couples plan their big day. I also wanted to start a blog just to put some new wedding ideas out there. Every year it seems that the themes change and color concepts are different. I’ve done some research and looked at many different wedding styles to come up with some unique ways that you can try out in your wedding. Lets face it, no matter what your budget is, you can achieve the wedding of your dreams. It just depends on how you plan it.

In my blog you’ll find some key information on what we offer as a company and also what I offer as a planner to couples looking for wedding ideas.

So once again welcome to the SNG WEDDINGS blog and hopefully our company or this blog can help you with your big day!



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